A safe home for your ragdoll cat

Some simple tips to make your Ragdoll live in a safe home!

How to create a safe home for your Ragdoll cat

il foto il nostro maschiio neutro Bonbon’s kitty Chersterfield Satomy

The main dangers inside the house and simple solutions to adopt!

  • Electric wires are particularly dangerous if bitten by the cat. To avoid this type of accident it is sufficient to use plastic wire covers;
  • rubber bands, balls of wool, threads of the bags of garbage, are potential mortal dangers, since during the game the cat risks strangling himself in an attempt to free himself. The advice is not to leave them available to your cat;
  • needles, thumbtacks, screws and nails if ingested by your ragdoll can create intestinal obstruction, or perforation of internal organs. It is advisable to store them in drawers that are not easily accessible to your cat;
  • medicines, disinfectants and chemicals must always be tightly closed as if ingested they can cause intoxication, with lethal outcomes;
  • lighted stoves and still hot electric plates must always be covered to avoid serious burns;
  • the open porthole of a washing machine and the open door of a dishwasher are potentially deadly hazards. Cats entered out of curiosity, were inadvertently closed with a fatal outcome, so always check that the washer and dishwasher basket are empty;
  • for the dustbin, inside which you can find chicken bones, pieces of glass, fish bones the best solution is to close it in a piece of furniture or use a model with a lid;
  • the heat of the fire of a burning fireplace can attract the cat, who gets too close to the risk of getting burned, so it is essential to use a fire screen;
  • Window sills and unprotected balconies can lead to fatal falls. Today it is possible to secure windows and balconies with glass or PVC meshes or structures. If this is not possible, it is preferable to prevent your Ragdoll from entering the terrace or windows in your absence.

Go ahead at home with catnip and cathar nepeta for your ragdoll!

ou can leave your Ragdoll with a pot with catnip in a quiet and bright place in your home. Catnip, in addition to enriching the diet of your Ragdoll with vitamins A, C and B and minerals, can be useful for eliminating hairballs. Another aromatic plant, an aromatic plant with a mint flavor and aroma, particularly pleasing to cats, on which it has a euphoric effect is the nepeta cataria.

Going outside? No thanks !

Your Ragdoll is not able to defend himself from other cats and above all he is oblivious to external dangers; going out on the street can lose the life hit by a car, or contract deadly diseases like Felv, Fiv, Fip and Rabbia, if infected by sick or wild animals. Outdoor cats are more vulnerable to pests such as fleas and ticks.