About us

How Bon Bon’s KITTY was born

The passion for cats is a character that I had since I was a child

Cats are infinitely interesting creatures and each of them differs in so many small things and it was their being unique creatures that I loved right from the start.

The first ragdolls that I enter in my life and my family was a very particular female blue bicolour Miciona, I remember very well every moment, in the beginning she was timid and reserved hid and watched us by her blue eyes that revealed her sweetness and attention , now she is cuddled and undisputed queen of my beloved mom’s house.

In my life I have had several cats many Europeans and Siameses and I have to say that living with ragdolls is an unique experience as they have an extreme sensibility.

Thanks to this special female cat it raised on me, the love for this particular breed, always present, always attentive.

This female was very close to every member of the family in moments of physical discomfort (this is because the Ragdolls, thanks to their sensibility, perceive the needs of the people that lives with them and for this reason the Ragdolls are used also for the pet teraphy).

Rory abandon herself in my arms when I held her up. Her continued presence conquered me completely.

My love for this particular breed, born in this circumstances. After almost 9 years, one day, surfing through a social media, flipping through the virtual pages, I saw our Excalibur Romeo that was the founder of my cattery.

It is a joy for me to dedicate all my time and my love for my cats and to guarantee them a life full of love and care as well as to all the puppies that we will make available to those families who are looking for a small AICO for their lives.

All our cats have been tested for FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Syndrome), FELV (Feline Leukemia Virus), and HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy) PKD. Our cat are no PG in our’s genetich linee.

Ours is an ANFI registered breeding and is part of the AIR Breed Club.

To view the genealogy of our Sires and Dams, you can contact us.

Sweetdolls Rory – the Super Ragdoll that gave us love for this wonderful breed

I dedicate everything to my mother Giovanna Boaretto who passed on to me the love for ragdolls to whom I owe everything and who left us on November 3, 2020 but who is alive in our hearts and will always be!

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