Litter “D”

The Litter Bonbon’s Kitty litter “D” were two litters the first between Whiteangels Excalibur Romeo Seal mitted with flame and our Whiteangels Eulalia Giulietta tortie mitted both Grand national and international champions ANFI (FIFE) now family neutral.

Bonbon’s Kitty Damon Lyuk

here it is now deep blue eyes and a beautifully long hair and beautiful color thanks to Elena for this wonderful shot

Bonbon’s Kitty Domenik

here is that wonderful little kitten Domenik as he is now, really a real big ragdoll
thanks to Simona for the shot

Bonbon’s Kitty Dana Pandora

here is the wonderful Dana Pandora thanks a lot to Diana for this wonderful shot

Bonbon’s Kitty Diesel

here is the stupendous Disel with beautifully blue eyes, he is also the model puppy of our site icon thanks to Raffaele for this wonderful shot

Bonbon’s Kitty Darling Katina Romina

Bonbon’s Kitty Dakota

here is the magnificent Dakota who now lives with Catherine and her family a kiss to her that was wonderful with us until she reached her new family

these little Cupids were born on 18/05/2018 and we will never forget any of them from the first breath until the time of their foster care. A litter that we will have in our hearts forever
The second litter had of the small “Ds” had as parents Whiteangels Excalibur Romeo seal mitted with flame and our Ragbenland Lauren Candy blue bicolor (at the moment our Candy is National Champion ANFI)

Bonbon’s Kitty Derek Antonio

Antonio stayed with us, we didn’t know how to separate him for his liveliness and his special character

Bonbon’s Kitty Darcy Grace

Bonbon’s Kitty Didì Kelly

and here they are now super lucky twins live together thanks a lot to Eva for the wonderful shot and for the love she gives them every single day

Bonbon’s Kitty Diego

Diego is still in our breeding only one specimen available for reproduction son of our beautiful Candy
these beautiful puppies were born on 13/06/2018 and together with the previous ones even if they were born a month later they filled our lives and our days enriching them with the magic of their games and races and unforgettable cuddles for us!

C’è stata infine un ultima cucciolata di piccoli “D” nati il 10/11/2018

Bonbon’s Kitty Dylan

this brother and sister now live togher whit Romina thank you for your love

Bonbon’s Kitty Dior

Dior is often present in our lives because it has stolen my mom’s heart and now lives with her and with Sweetdolls Rory the super Ragdoll to whom we owe the passion for this fabulous breed

Bonbon’s Kitty Dash

DAsh is currently with his new family with the splendid irene and his family a special thanks for the sensitivity and love of this wonderful person who has this little star with her

Bonbon’s Kitty Dune

Currently the small Dune is in France with her new family thanks to Sonia for the love that the gifts