Litter “E”

here is the last litter of our first reproducers, now neutral for the decision to change lines and to put our Giulietta to rest, which by nature was a super mama right from the start .

Currently still three of them are available

Bonbon’s Kitty Elisir Booked

currently awaiting the fulfillment of her 3rd complimese to reach her new family in Switzerland from Martina we will miss her sweetly painted eyes

Bonbon’s Kitty Edward Sunshine booked

the sweet splendid Sunshine awaits the fulfillment of her 3rd month to reach her new human mother Katia a loving top that will leave a void inside and around us but we know you will be happy

Bonbon’s Kitty Engel Pasqualino Romino

little Engel is super sweet super sensitive and waits to meet the soul of his heart without a doubt you will leave us a pit-like excavation when you too will be chosen we will love you forever little

Bonbon’s Kitty Efram

a super nice and promising angel you are beautiful to take your breath away and likewise always looks forward to the person of his little heart

Bonbon’s Kitty Emily alias Emy
(actually available)

sweet as and more than honey in every look in every step in every gesture you will take away your heart when you find a family that will welcome you in their hearts