All purebred cats, to be defined as such, should have pedigree. It often happens, however, that on the websites of the various ads for animals should read, for example:”Pure Siamese Thay for sale 300 eurowithout pedigree. “What wrong whith this ad, given that the price seems too good?”

Everything! Now we see why:

What is the pedigree?

Let’s start by saying that the pedigree is the identity card of the cat,the only document that certifies the origin of the cat and who qualifies it’s origin as “cat breed”.

The pedigree is a document issued by the Feline Associations, the only agencies to certify the origin of the animal. On the pedigree are usually indicated:

  • The cat’s name, sex, date of born, color, registration number (in some cases also microchip)
  • An indication of the brothers and sisters of the litter
  • The name of the breeder, breeding affix and the address
  • Kitten’s mother and Father, whit their personal details, color and registration numbers
  • The line of descent, 4 o 5 generations, with all indications registries, color and registration for each cat

Depending on the cat associations of which the farmer is part of the regulations maybe slightly different but, in general, the farmer is required to register the birth of the litter to the Studbook oftheir association in time ranging from 30 to 40 days after child birth and, subsequently, to require the pedigrees of kittens .

Why is so important?

The pedigree so it’s the only way we have to be able to say ” this cat breed”! No other document can be used for this purpose, neither do the claims veterinarians or self-styled “experts”.

If your cat is a pedigree breed, otherwise not! Acat without a pedigree even if born to parents with pedigree, can not and is not considered by any breed of feline association and no serious breeder.

The pedigree is also important for another reason: the “ability to read” the pedigree of cat is a skill that farmers know very well, because only through this document, you can study the bloodlines that are behind our vat, study strengths and weaknesses and plan their activities breed selection.

Buy without a pedigree?

Don’t EVER buy a purebred cat whithouta pedigree. You are simply buying a house cat! Just do not buy it and move over!