The Ragdoll

Ragdoll is a breed of cat of North American origin / selection with blue eyes and a particular color point.

It is a large and muscular cat with a semi long, soft and silky coat.

Developed since the 1960s by American breeder Ann Baker, it is known for its docile and peaceful temperament and affectionate nature. The name Ragdoll (rag doll) derives precisely from the behavior of this cat, very relaxed when caught in the arms.

Ragdoll character

The ragdoll has an affectionate character and requires physical contact. He does not like noise and confusion and binds himself to people, it is a typical apartment cat: even if he has the possibility to go out, he prefers to stay in the environment that hosts him. You can live with other cats or little lively dogs. It is normally of a peaceful nature and not at all aggressive, it disdains any useless activity. It is a cat whose selection has been marked by giving ample space to the character and exploiting its natural qualities as a calm and non-belligerent cat. Its extremely mild nature and its availability have become proverbial, there is no other cat to which it can be compared. It is a sweet and lovable creature that, like all the times that a helpless being surrenders totally confident in our arms, inspires tenderness and desire for protection. Being good does not mean, if necessary, not even knowing how to pull out the claws. If his master is sick, if he is sad and demoralized, this cat never leaves him, on the contrary, he tries to console him and comfort him in every way; if it is not possible for him otherwise, he stops to look at him, motionless, trying to help him with his presence alone. He is a very touchy cat, if he is wrong he is capable of being offended and humiliated to the point of spending hours in dignified and composed silence.

Unlike many cats, Ragdolls are notable for collapsing into the arms of anyone who holds them, even if they are cradled on their back. They love their people, greeting them at the door, following them around the house, and leaping into a lap or snuggling in bed whenever given the chance. They often learn to come when called or to retrieve toys that are thrown for them. The word most often used to describe them is docile, but that doesn’t mean they are inactive. They like to play with toys and enter into any family activities. With positive reinforcement in the form of praise and food rewards when they do something you like, Ragdolls learn quickly and can pick up tricks as well as good behaviors such as using a scratching post. In a small, sweet voice, they remind you of mealtime or ask for petting but are not excessively vocal. Ragdolls have nice manners and are easy to live with. You will find a Ragdoll on your sofa or bed, but generally not much higher than that. He prefers to stay on the same level with his people rather than the highest point in a room.